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A Northern Irish Thanksgiving

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

So for those who aren't aware, my husband is from Northern Ireland. We lived together in Belfast for 5 years before moving back to my hometown here in San Diego. After our son was born, my in laws of course wanted to meet the new addition to the Dillon clan. So my mother in law booked her first flight to the US of A and made the 13 hour flight allllll the way out to California. Wee Jackie had a jam packed 2 weeks, seeing the sights and getting close to Calum. She was here for Thanksgiving and witnesses a lot of firsts for Calum as well, like his first tooth and eating solids. Here is our little photo shoot at a small Christmas tree farm and winery in Fallbrook. We had fun taking pics and tasting wines by a bonfire under the stars. So glad I could capture her time here! Maybe a Belfast trip is in order soon!

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