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Pumpkin Patchin

Last year's annual pumpkin patch trip was one for the books! To start, it was Calum's first Halloween, and let's face it...every holiday is more exciting with a baby. We go every year with friends and it's so fun to see everyone's family growing each time. The first time there were 2 preggos (myself included), then the next year (this video) my sister Darcy was pregnant. We always joke that someone's expecting when we go. This year no one was pregnant, but there was a brand new baby girl in the gang.

This is my favorite time of year. Everything from the change of weather (although here in San Diego it's always like 90 degrees when we go here), to festive movies and treats. I think it's genius that as soon as Halloween is over we get two more great holidays right after another. Bring on the candy from Calum's Trick or Treat bag (thank you Calum!), then it's on to Turkey day! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!

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